One Day I'll fly away One Day I'll fly away Leave your love to yesterday What more can your love do for me When will love be through with me

Sing-a-long-a Moulin Rouge

Running time: 2 hours 45 mins including interval

Yes, the latest “sing-a-long-a” show to hit the Prince Charles Cinema is a screening of SING-A-LONG-A MOULIN ROUGE. Join Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and dozens of leggy can-can dancers, bohemian artists and acrobats for a fabulous Burlesque party.

Baz Luhrman’s exotic and colourful masterpiece contains 20 – yes 20! – wonderful songs for you to sing along with, including “Sparkling Diamonds (Diamonds are a girls best friend)”, “Your Song”, “Because We Can”, “Like a Virgin”, “The Show must Go On” and not forgetting “The Sound of Music” (where have we heard that one before?) as sung by Green Fairy Kylie Minogue! This is French history as never seen before.

There are so many great opportunities for dressing up for this one – risqué can-can dancers, Victorian ladies and gentleman, French prostitutes, even windmills but of course YOUR ideas are the best – so dip into your wardrobes and your imaginations for a great night out.

SING-A-LONG-A MOULIN ROUGE will include all the elements that have made SING-A-LONG-A SOUND OF MUSIC, GREASE, ROCKY JOSEPH and ABBA such classics – the live host, free interactive prop bag, fancy dress competition and non-stop audience interaction. Hiss the Baddies, Cheer for the Heroes, lust after Nicole or Ewan and Ooh La La the Eiffel Tower.

Suitable for 12 years old +


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