I can see the flag fly I can see the rain Just the same there has got to be Something better here For you and me There's a light over At the Frankenstein Place There's a light Burning in the fireplace There's a light Light in the darkness Of everybody's life

Sing-a-long-a Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  • I REMEEEEEMBEEEER doing the Time Warp at Southsea, during the amazing RHPS Sing-a-long-a! unique experience! and me and my friends got the chance to dress up as Magenta and our other favourite characters! I highly recommend it

  • great fun in St.Helier tonight! thanks so much for a grand time!

  • (Lancaster The Grand, 17th May 2013). Camp, saucy, exciting and it’s most fun you can have with your clothes on ;) try to go in fancy dress if you can, you’ll enjoy it a whole lot more….Don’t dream it….be it :*

  • we all ‘shivered with aaanticipation’ and the show at Worthing on 27th April was well worth the wait….loved it & the compare was rocking !!

  • I got tickets for my birthday to go to the show in London (07/12/2012)and it was one of the best presents I ever had. Really enjoyed every minute of it.

  • I went to see it at Hall for Cornwall and it was literally the most fun I’ve had in a long time! Me and my friends had so much fun and we are so sad that we have nothing to look forward to now! But seriously it was amazing thank you so much to all who are involved with showing it etc! It was fabulous!

  • Ha ha ha. Sing along with Rocky Horror. Love it.