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Sing-a-long-a Sound of Music

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  • A truly superb evening of entertainment!

    In response to the comments by ‘Think About It’ below, I would like to point out that the audience that I was in (Brighton) comprised people of all races creeds, sexual orientation – and many with disabilities.

    Guess what? We all enjoyed a superb evening together in each other’s company.

    In so doing we were not abusing the memory of the Nazis’ victims; rather, we were celebrating the very freedoms that the Nazis sought to deny.

    “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
    […] A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance”
    – Ecclesiastes 3

    We laughed. We danced.

  • I love this show—-I go to London several times a year from NYC & if the show is playing—I’m there! I met Julie Andrews at a book signing about a year ago on Long Island, NY & told her about it & she told me she knew exactly what I was talking about & with a big smile on her face she explained it to her daughter!
    I always tell anyone going to London about the show & everyone tells me that they laugh ’til they cry! Just like me!

  • Absolutely brilliant, perfect for a group of girls needing fun. Have been 5 times and laugh more every time.
    Please bring it back to Birmingham

  • Brilliant show, absolutely hilarious. Have been 5 times so far and will make it 6 some time this year. Fantastic girls night out.

  • Well, I went to the Hollywood Bowl and we had a fabulous time. Sorry if the Sound of Music is not for you Think About It. You need to lighten up. We found it funny and really quite moving. Takes all types.

  • Last night my husband and I attended The Sound of Music Sing Along at the Hollywood Bowl. While it’s intended to be an interactive event, much like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I found myself by the end of the show wondering whether or not this is an appropriate film for a sing along in light of the fact that at the end of the film, the von Trapp family is being chased by the Nazi’s. I was particularly disturbed that during the scene where Rolf comes into the church with a flashlight to discover the von Trapp family, that several people shined flashlights at the screen as they interacted with the film. The only thing I could think between the hissing, the talking, the laughing and the obnoxious boozed up people sitting in front and behind me was that 6 million people died (Jews, Gays, people with disabilities, etc.) at the hands of the Nazi’s and I am sitting amongst thousands of people who seem to either be mocking or ignoring the atrocities of World War II. I wonder how the audience would feel if while watching the movie, intermittent pictures of concentration camp victims flashed on the screen. I am all about having fun but not at the expense of those who suffered the atrocities of war.

  • I saw this years ago and it was fantatsic. Must go again soon. Nice website!